What is a flowchart?

Do you know what is a flowchart and how to use the flowchart symbol? It’s not a big issue if you do not know.

At the beginning of the completion of each work, some steps are followed. Every task is a problem for you and the solution to the problem is found by working. To solve we get a sequence. Let’s understand with an example “you have to make tea”, then too complete this work you need to follow some steps.

What is a flowchart?

Nowadays everyone has a little knowledge of programming. Through programming, we can make software and software helps to remove the problem of our life. But everyone has difficulty in writing programming so we use algorithm and flowchart.

What is a flowchart

A flowchart is a tool created by the program industry. Show the steps used to solve a price or a problem. Such as square, rectangle, diamond, oval, circle, arrow.

Some symbols used in flowchart

A flowchart is a graphical image, which shows the steps of a process. That is why you should know what these signs mean.

We use this symbol for input and output. For this after adding the input symbol, the output symbol is used to show the connection.

Rule for making flowchart

  • All flowchart has a start and endpoint.
  • When we use some condition in the flowchart it has 2 exit points. Is upward, downward, or side, which has 2 output-first right second wrong.
  • Subroutines have their own flowchart

Advantages of Flowchart

  • Through the flowchart, we can understand programming easily because it can use symbols.
  • With the help of a flowchart, we can know the error quickly and can also correct it.
  • Through the flow chart, we can keep any program well and understand it.

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Disadvantages of Flowchart

  • When the flowchart will become very
  • large and it has made more than one page
  • We have to use signs to make flowchart,
  • due to which our time is not wasted.

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