What is Backlight Compensation?

There is hardly anyone of you who knows what is Backlight Compensation is? Due to which they are not able to use those features even after wanting because they do not exist in it.

What is Backlight Compensation?

When it comes to image features how can we forget about the Backlight Compensation? There is a lot of utility in having a better quality of a picture. With its feature background, overpowering and bright lights can be easily compensated.

What is Backlight Compensation

BLC first of all at that time the camera easily became unstable before these natural lights because more focus of the camera used to go on that natural light, In addition, the details of the main object were also very much loss which made it very difficult to identify their identity.

At the same time once the feature of Backlight Compensation was discovered then this problem was reduced by about 90%. Because in BLC video is split into different regions, and each region is applied a different exposure. Due to the light distribution correctly, the picture does not darken and the final output is correct.

What are the features of Backlight Compensation?

The features of Backlight Compensation is most commonly used in CCTV camera or IP camera. This allows them to identify intruders very well at night despite having a direct focus.

BLC is a very ideal technique by which images can be neutralized with background overpowering and bright lights. A Digital signal processor(DSP) is used in BLC so that the brightness of images can be methodically optimized.

BLC systematically divides the images into different parts, so that the exposure is divided into different parts of the picture and our area of interest is not too dark.

What is Auto Backlight Compensation?

Due to the presence of BLC in the camera, it can easily detect the average light level by scanning the entire area of the frame.

In this, the working point is based on general testing of the entire environment. If there is a very bright background that has a very dim front image, then the back backlight sensation is activated automatically and the camera can easily apply light in the dark zone.

With this automatic backlight compensation, a normally dark and unspecific image can easily be converted into a clear and better visibility image.

The WDR is the differences much compensating in contrast/ brightness but Backlight Compensation only picture of the Brightness Level Handle does.


I sincerely hope that I have given you complete information about what is Backlight Compensation? I hope that you guys have understood about Backlight Compensation.

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