What is Backup and Top 5 Types of backup?

Do you know what backup is, if you have ever done a backup then you will come to know about backup. If you are using a computer or a mobile and any of your important data is lost, then we have a lot of trouble with it because this data is very important for us.

Backup is the process to make many copies of the original data so that they can be used when the original data is destroyed. At such a timer backup is very useful for us. So let’s not waste more time and learn what is backup.

What is a backup?

Most are the Times we save our data in the hard drive or in the computer so many times that the hard drive crashes at the same time because like other electronic devices, it also has many defects, so they completely cannot be trusted.

What is Backup and it's benefiting?

At such time we come to know the true importance of data backup. This is not just for the malfunction of hardware, but sometimes software malfunction can also happen.

Top 5 Types of backup

There are many such backup types which we use to Backup our digital content. Let’s not waste more time and we will see the types of backup.

Full backup

A full backup is a method of backup where all files and folders are selected to perform a backup. It is used from initial or the first backup according to the prompt after which incremental and differential backups are done. Likewise doing incremental and differential backups are done, it is very common that we start again with a fresh full backup. Restoring then is very easy and fast because the entire list of files and folders are saved in the same backup set.

Incremental backup

It’s a backup in which all the changes that occur are after the last backup. Here the last backup can be a full backup of simple an incremental backup.

  • These are much faster backups
  • There is an efficient use of storage space here because files are not duplicated.

Restore here is much slower than the full backups and differential backups.
Restores are also a bit complicated with it.

Differential backup

Differential backup always comes in the middle Of incremental backup and differential backup.

If we set differential Backup that they are backup all night from Monday to Friday then as we know that the first backup that happens will be a full backup.

  • These are much faster backups then full backups
  • In this, the storage space is used efficiently because only the changes data is backup in them.

Mirror backup

As its name suggests, it’s called the backup where the backup of the source is stored in a space such that a mirror becomes an image of the original image. But here in mirror backups, whenever a file is deleted in a source, it is automatically deleted in its mirror backup as well.

Full PC backup

Full pc backup is called backup in which entire images of a competes hard drive are backed up, not just individual files and folders. A drive image is the snapshot of a drive.

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Local backup

Here the storage medium is directly plugged in with the source computer which will be backed up and it is connected with the source through the local area network which will be backed up.


In this article I provided an guide information about what is backup and how many types of backup are there so I hope you all like this article, share our article with your friends and family.

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