What is Bluetooth and how does it work?

Who does not know about Bluetooth everyone knows what Bluetooth is and how it works because often you can see this feature in every small phone. This is a very good way to transfer data. In recent times Bluetooth had become a part of our life due to its high application. Whether it is audio devices, or mobile phones, home stereos, MP3 player, laptop, desktops, tablets, etc. You take the name of any electronic device and you can see the name.

What is Bluetooth and how does it work

Whatever be the device everyone needs to transfer data. If you send anything from your phone then you can do this through the Bluetooth facility. Here I will let you know about Bluetooth it’s types, advantages, and disadvantages.

What is Key features of Bluetooth?

Come let us know what are the key features of Bluetooth:-

  • Less complication: there is not much complication in this, it is very simple technology.
  • Less power consumption: there is not much power consumption, which makes it popular.
  • Cheaper rates: they are cheaper than other similar technologies.
  • Robustness: they are very robust. They can be used anytime anywhere.
  • Distance: they can be used between 10 to 50 meters.
  • Data rate: their data rate is up to 1mbps. Which is very fast.
  • Spreading: it uses FHSS.

What is Advantages of Bluetooth?

  • It has low power consumption
  • Data transfer can also be done between walls.
  • It range is better than infrared communication.
  • It’s used for voice and data transfer.
  • Since FHSS is used in this technology data communication is very secure here.
  • There is very little interference in it if we talk about other wireless technologies.

What is Disadvantages of Bluetooth?

  • It’s the biggest disadvantage is its security.
  • Yes because as we know it operates at the radio frequency and therefore it can penetrate the walls easily. Therefore it is advised that you should not use it for critical business or personal data transfer.
  • Its bandwidth is very low compared to wifi.
  • Battery usage is high when Bluetooth is on. Therefore it is recommended that if not used, turn off the Bluetooth, which also increases the battery life of the mobile.

What is Bluetooth network and it’s types?

Bluetooth network is called the network where many Bluetooth users are connected and communicating. These networks mainly consist of two main elements, the first mastery, and the second slave. There are 2 main types of networks.

  1. Piconet
  2. Scatternet

Bluetooth RF and baseband specifications

  • The modulation type is GFSK
  • Peak data rate is 1mbps
  • RF bandwidth is220khz to 1mhz
  • The frequency band is 2.4ghz

Where do we use Bluetooth technology?

  • Bluetooth headsets
  • Stereo headsets
  • In-car Bluetooth headsets
  • Bluetooth equipped printer
  • Bluetooth enabled webcam
  • Bluetooth keyboard
  • Bluetooth GPS device

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