What is eSim and how does it work?

Now the focus eSim is much dominated. Because Apple had used this eSim in their new phones iPhone XS and XS max. Also, they have used eSim for dual-sim support for connectivity in some watched series 3. But due to a lack of accurate and complete information, people are not able to know about eSim properly. You may also have heard a little about eSim and are wondering how it differs from the normal sim.

What is eSim and how does it work

When is resin eSim being launched?

eSim had been launched in iPhone XS and XS max. Which are Austria, Canada, Croatia, Czech, republic, Germany, Hungary, India, Spain, UK, and us?

What does eSim provide for your device?

A very good advantage that it offers is if you see it from a design point of view then you can use this esim in a small device.

Which networks providers in India support esim?

Currently, there are only two network providers in India that support esim technology, which is jio and airtel.

What are the advantages of eSim?

  • Its size is a nano-SIM piece. So it fits anywhere.
  • The is no need for a sim tray for this.
  • In this, a user can switch to another operator soon. Without changing any sim. Useful for travelers.
  • You can connect more devices at once. Like if you have a smartphone and also a smartwatch then you can connect to the same sim.
  • The is no need to change the sim card for a new sim.
  • Esim is now secure than any other sim.

What is the Disadvantages of esim?

  • If you have a lot of devices and you keep changing your operators at regular intervals then it will cause some confusion for you because all your devices are connected then there can be confusion in changing it and together you have to activate the sim card.
  • If your battery is low and you want to make a call by connecting your esim to a friend’s phone then it can cause trouble because it takes a little time to activate the sim card and it is not to fast and easy.
  • To activate esim you have to contact the operator and you can activate the sim only by entering the user id and password sent by them.

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