What is Java and What is the use of Java?

You must have heard the name of java. But this question must have arrived in your mind that what is java and how to learn java programming language with it. Will answer this in today’s article and would like to give some more information related to it.

In today’s time, the demand for a programming language is very high. If I tell you an interesting thing. In recent times, java code is used in more than 3000000 electronic devices.

What is java?

Java is a general-purpose programming language. They are used for software and application development. Java is a high-level programming language. This is a platform-independent language. You can run the code written in any platform or os.

What is Java and What is the use of Java

All codes written in it are in English and not in numeric codes. Anyone can easily understand the codes written. That is why it has been included in the high-level language. It follows the concept of oops. Fundamental of C++ language has been used in it.

What is the use of JAVA?

This computer programming language has only one purpose. Whatever code is written in it, it should run on all computers. Whether or not both machines are the same or not, I mean to say, code written in C++ is never the same execute in other machines, for eg, whether it is an OS.

How to run or execute java program code?

This language uses an abstract computing machine called java virtual machine to run the code.

Java virtual machine

Its short form is JVM. It’s a virtual computer that runs all java programs. When a program is written, the same is called the source code. Byte code is generated by complying with this source code with the help of a java compiler. JVM is used to execute this by code. The java interpreted inside the JVM runs the same program.

Knowing one thing, JVM is already installed in all the computers that run the java program. This is why this code runs the entire computer. All the other programming languages have their compilers that produce code.

Platform independent

By its name, you must have understood that it doesn’t depend upon the platform. The platform here means OS. such as windows, MAC, Android, Linux. When we write programs or create software, they all run on the OS platform. But there are some programs which run on only one computer and OS, such a program is called as platform-independent programs.

What is the purpose of creating JAVA?

You will know that all the programming languages are there before and where. They follow all the procedure structure. The object-oriented concept came after this, I am happy that in today’s time, object-oriented changed the entire programming industry.

In recent times, more than 3 billion services run with the help of java it is a very highly used programming language in the IT industry.

JSP – It is a web technology, it is used in web applications. Java code is inserted into an HTML document with the help of JSP.

Applets- This is also a kind of full java program. Which is added inside the web page? Through which new features are seen in the web browser. the applets remain inside HTML.

JAVA BEANS- This is similar to visual basic. Already, new and advanced applications are made with the help of available components.

Types of java application

Web application

Means to develop server-side web applications. In recent times, Servlet, JSP, Struts, JSF are all used to create a web application.

Standalone Application

This means the desktop application and mobile application. These are the SW we use every day. Examples:- Media Player, Antivirus, MS-Office, Browser. Standalone applications are easily made with the help of AWT and SWING.

Enterprise Application

Java is the only programming to create many enterprise applications. Because it provides High-Level Security. EJB (Enterprise Java Bean) is used to create all types of enterprise applications such as banking software, industry application, accounting application.

Mobile Application

You must know about it that all the games and applications you run on mobile are made from this language. All the apps in Google Playstore are developed with java programming.

Java Editors for writing Java programs

You will need Editors to write a Java program and you can use the editors given below.

⦁ Notepad ++ This is an editor in which you can easily write code. Error is easy to find Missing Bracket is also easy to find.
⦁ Netbeans- This Java IDE is open-source and free, which you can download.
⦁ Eclipse – This is also the Java IDE developed by the eclipse open Community.

This information is more useful for specific students. What is Java you learned in today’s article? You also get answers to these questions, what is the use of this programming language. History means you must have also known the history of java. The most important questions that you guys always ask us is how to learn Java and those who come in the specific examination of characteristics features of Java.

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