What is PHP and how to learn PHP complete information?

In today’s article, we are going to talk about what is PHP and how to learn PHP. Nowadays, in this technology and the online market, you must also have wondered how these websites are made. You must also be thinking that you have a website too. In today’s time, thousands of websites are being made every day.

People use a website to increase their business or to make a good income from their own personal blogs or websites. There is so much income in that you will never think even in a dream. But do you know how easy it is to make a website and how it is made? You must have seen some websites like some popular site facebook.com, Flipkart, Instagram, amazon.in a programming language is used to create all these. Which are also called web-based programming language?

What is PHP and how to learn PHP complete information?

By the way, there are many languages from which a website is made. One of them is language, PHP from which a site like Facebook is created. So let us know about these websites and web-based programming language PHP what is PHP.

What is PHP?

It is the only open-source scripting language in the world. You can call it the scripting language. It is used in designing websites. It is a server scripting program language.

What does PHP mean and where it is used?

You must have known how powerful it is because the world’s most highly opened website has been designed with this language. By whose name you are well aware of “FACEBOOK.COM” .php is a server-side scripting program language. It is also an open-source general-purpose programming language.

The specialty of this language is that “Dynamic website” is used for designing. When a user sends a request from his browser to the PHP web page, in which this code resides. This is the process inside the PHP module installed in the PHP code web server. The PHP preprocessor generates HTML output. Which you see in your web browser.

What is a Programming language?

Programming Language is also a language, as we and you talk. But the computer that understands the language or can speak it, the language through which you can communicate with the computer is the same computer programming language. These programming languages are used to create software or websites inside the computer. Basic, C,C++, Java,COBOL, FORTRAN,PHP,HTML. These are programming languages.

How and where to learn PHP?

Teenagers, students, and businessmen, everyone wants to create their own website. But due to lack of knowledge of that fellow, he does not get sick. By the way, a lot of web developers will be found on the internet, but for this, they will take some money from you, that too at least 30000 to 200000.

What is Minimum Qualification to learn web designing?

By the way, it is very easy to learn. But if your question is that you have to learn something in advance, then the answer is almost no. All you have to do is follow PHP documentation https://secure.php.net/docs.php. If you want to learn from all over, then all you need is a little knowledge of Html, javascript, MY SQL, and CSS.

What is the History of PHP language?

PHP is a web-based programming language that was created by 1995 Rasmus Lerdorf. He wrote a program in sure called common gateway interface (CGI). C programming was used to write it. Through this program, he made his personal homepage. Of particular interest, he used his database to create web pages.


  • Through this PHP you can also create, open, read, and write a file in a systematic way.
  • Through PHP, we can handle forms that we fill online such as extracting data from a file, saving data inside a file, sending data from email to someone.
  • You can restrict some pages through this language.

My Openion

So in this article we provide you complete information about what is Php and does PHP works, this information very useful for beginner PHP learners. If you like these PHP guide information then please share it with your friends.

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