What is software?

There is no need to tell you anything about software because anyone who uses smartphones and computers knows this word. A few years ago I knew about human-computer, that time you must be a small kid.

But after the arrival of the computers life has changed completely. We have become so lazy that we are doing more work through mobile or computers. We have no fault in this because our life had become easier with this.

So let’s not waste more time and begin learning what is software.

What is software?

Software is a collection of programs that perform a specific task of the computer. All the tasks we do on our computer are done only through its software. The software is referred to as a set of instructions that are fed in the form of programs so that they can be given the entire computer system. And also process other hardware components.

What is software

These are the commands that drive the hardware. MS WORD in which do some typing, Photoshop in which we edit photos, Chrome by internet access.

Examples of software are Google Chrome, Photoshop, MS word, VLC PLAYER.

Why can’t we see our hide software?

We can neither see software with our eyes not we can touch with hands. This is because it has no physical existence. It is a virtual object which can only be understood.

Some software and it’s examples

AntivirusAVG, McAfee, Norton
Audio music programiTunes, WinAmp
DatabaseAccess, My SQL
Device driversComputer drivers
EmailOutlook, Thunderbird
GameMadden, NFL football
Internet browserFirefox, google chrome
Operating systemAndroid, os
Photo programAdobe photoshop
Programming languageC++,HTML
SimulationFlight simulator SimCity
SpreadsheetMs excel
UtilityCompression, disk, cleanup
Word processorMs word

What is programming language?

Taking about the programming language then it is the language by which computer software and applications are made. There are many keywords, functions, and roles in it. Through these rules, we write such programs. Or we can also say that software is made using program language.

They have been made to make our work easier for Sally and in less time. Every day we wake up and use the software, even if it is a Whats app. There are mainly three types of software.

  1. System software
  2. Application Software
  3. Utility Software

What is system software?

The system software is the software that manages the background process of a computer. It is called system software because it helps in running the system. With their help, Computer becomes perfect in operating other components like hardware.

All the software that you install in your computer runs the same program. And one thing, if the computer does not have this system software, then you cannot run any application software.

Operating system

English program. Some examples of which are Windows, Linux, and macOS. Android A OS This is a System Software, which works like an Interface between the user means you and Computer Hardware. It is also called the heart of the computer. This is a very big Mobile Operating System.

There are few IT companies in the market that develop this type of SW. Such as Microsoft, Apple, and Google.

What is utility software

Utility software is called such software that helps you to manage, maintain, and control your computer. Although operating systems typically have many such necessary tools already pre-installed, with the help of separate utility programs, it gives you improved functionality.

Utility software is often a little technical, so it can be used only by those who have the right technical knowledge.

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What is a Programmer?

The programmer is called those who write programs. At the same time, they have programming skills. Which they use according to the need.

A software company hires many programmers. Who works for them. The programmer gets a small part of the software and works on it for about 6 months or 1 year. The company deals with crores to make software. Out of which, some of the programmers get salary as salary.

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