What is the iOS Top 12 iOS version?

Do you know what is iOS? It is the same software (OS) platform on which all Apple devices run today whether it is iPhone, Ipad, Apple Watch, iPod, etc.

So they were forced to create a new mobile operating system iOS, which currently works in almost all Apple devices whether it is iPhone or iPod touch.

What is IOS?

Originally its name was iPhone OS, while the Ipad was introduced its name was also changed.

What are IOS and its history

By the way, more than 2 million iOS apps are available in the Apple app store to download. Apart from this, the Apple App Store is a very popular app store for any mobile device.

What is the History of iOS?

In 2008, Apple renamed its iOS and renamed iPhone OS. I represent the apple line of products and OS represents the operating system.

Types of iOS versions

There are different versions of iOS launched till now

  • iPhone OS 1.x.
  • iPhone OS 2.x.
  • iPhone OS 3.x.
  • IOS 4.x.
  • IOS 5.x.
  • IOS 6.x.
  • IOS 7.x.
  • IOS 8.x.
  • IOS 9.x.
  • IOS 10.x.
  • IOS 11
  • IOS 12

What is the definition of iOS?

This iOS is based on Darwin over XNU Kernel, where iOS 6 uses version 16, while iOS 7 and Apple iOS 8 use version 8, while iOS 9 uses version 15, iOS 10 uses Darwin 16 version, iOS 11 uses Darwin version 17, and finally, iOS 12 uses Darwin version 18.

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I sincerely hope that I have given you complete information about what is iOS? and how it works?

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